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Coach House Shortbread

Coach House Shortbread is another Toronto staple for delicious shortbread! Coach house shortbread was founded in 1986 (it’s as old as me!) and was founded by Carl Stryg.
Coach shortbread can usually be found at gourmet food stores like the One of a Kind Show.

This time of year, you can actually visit the Coach house shop yourself! I stopped by last week and it was busy. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have single cookies for sale (like Mary’s!) but they had lots of samples available.

Coach house makes savoury and sweet shortbread. The shortbread is good, but it’s light and airy. I wish it were a little richer and heavier. One of my favourites that I tried was the Cheddar and Chipotle shortbread. This was described as, “A perfect pairing of flavours, with the tang of 7-year-old Canadian cheddar registering first, followed by the smoky heat of chipotle peppers, which lingers beautifully on the tongue.” It was delicious! My favourite sweet shortbread was the Dark Chocolate and Fleur de Sel. It was sweet with just the right amount of salty.

Coach House packaged their shortbread in a unique way. The shortbread are bundled into a cardboard roll, packaged into colour coded paper and tied at the ends with ribbon. I love it! A small is $9.00, and a large is $11.00. Coach House shortbread is located at 235 Carlaw Ave. They are open until the end of December, and will then re-open for Easter.

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