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Make Memories Last with Chatbooks

Rifle Paper Image

This year was a huge one for me. I got married (!!), went on a honeymoon, and moved into one of my favourite areas of the city. I take so many photos, maybe more than ever  before. I have photos on my cell phone and digital camera, photos that people sent me of my wedding, photos of my honeymoon and so much more. What I don’t have are tangible photos. I used to print my photos and put them in an album, but I don’t do that anymore. What if my laptop crashes and I lose all my photos? I’ve tried to make a goal for myself to print some photos, but I’ve definitely fallen behind this year.

Enter Chatbooks. Chatbooks gets it. Thanks to their super easy system, making your memories last forever in a pretty photobook is a breeze. I made my first Chatbook to celebrate my trip to Japan a couple of years ago. It was simple to do: I downloaded the Chatbook app, and was able to select my favourite photos to be published into a cute little book. It was a fast way to show off my trip and fit easily in my purse. I was hooked!

It gets even easier if you decide to create a Chatbook Series. The app will automatically upload photos from your chosen source (Facebook, Instagram or a folder on your phone). Chatbooks will upload your photos, organize them chronologically and print 60 page volumes of your photos. How easy is that? Each book is $10 (USD) and comes with 60 pages.

You can create a Chatbook on their website, or using their app. Books are available in different sizes and in soft or hardcover. Best of all, they’ve collaborated with some of my favourite designers for covers. The limited edition Rifle Paper collection features beautiful floral covers that anyone in love with their stationery would recognize.

rifle paper

Aren’t they beautiful? Check out the Rifle Paper collection.

Kate Spade Banner

As if that wasn’t good enough, Chatbooks released the Kate Spade New York collection featuring fun gold dot covers and covers with fun sayings on them, like “Eat Cake for Breakfast.”

Kate Spade

Check out the Kate Spade collection.

Chatbooks make a perfect, personal Christmas gift for your best friend, boyfriend or in-laws. Check them out here!


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