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Charge faster on the go with TYLT’s new RIBBN Car Charger

It may come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I am obsessed with my cell phone and with keeping it charged! That’s why I love using the TYLT band charger while on the go in the car. It lets two phones charge at once so no one has to fight over the car input. Here’s my review of the original charger.

This year they’ve come out with a new, faster and improved charger, the RIBBN. To test it out, I took it on a bunch of road trips with some friends. I didn’t tell them I was reviewing it, but I just had it plugged into the car for them to use.

Everyone that used this charger during the trip absolutely loved it. Everyone told me (unprompted!) that it charged their phone incredibly fast, loved that there were two charging ports and were charmed by it’s stylish design.

So what’s new? Just like the original, the new RIBBN comes in bright colours and is made of smooth, durable TPU coated in silicone. This version has been revamped with a 4.8-amp output that can charge two phones or tablets at the same time with an extra long cable.

The RIBBN is available in 4 shades and in a USB format ($29.99) or a Apple Lightning format ($39.99). Pick one up for your summer road trips here!

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