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[Eat it!] Nova Scotia Lobster Burger at the Carbon Bar


I love lobster, and I love bacon. These are facts. When bacon and lobster are together in one dish, it’s a happy day. When I first spotted the Lobster Burger from the Carbon Bar in a photo, I eyed it and wondered where the lobster was. When I went to try it for myself earlier this week, I got my answer! (hint: there’s a lot of lobster.)

Messy & filled with tasty lobster

Messy & filled with tasty lobster

The Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Lobster burger is huge. When it arrived at the table, it looked like a giant (and delicious) crab cake topped with pit smoked bacon, truffled hollandaise, beefsteak tomato, dill pickle and old bay mayo. The couple dining next to me joked that they wanted to see me eat it, because it looked so big!

When I bit into it, it was filled with fresh and tender lobster. It was like an amazing lobster cake with a crispy fried outer layer. The bacon was the perfect topping and provided a tasty smokey finish.


My vegetarian friend dined on Roasted Graffiti Eggplant with roasted peppers, cherry tomato, capers, green olives, barley, feta cheese, crispy potato, basil shoots. She thought it was delicious, and loved the crispy potato it was topped with.

If you love lobster, if you love massive burgers or if you just want to sink your teeth into this burger, visit by the end of September to enjoy the lobster burger for only $20 when you buy a pint of Alexander Keiths! Trust me, it will be one of your favorite burgers.

The Carbon Bar is at 99 Queen Street East.

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