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Canadian Face Masks

It’s clear that face masks are here to stay, at least for a little while. They protect you, and those around you. These are my favourite face masks that I’ve been wearing this summer.

These bold brushstrokes on the Halfmoon Mindful masks ($20) are perfect for summer.

I couldn’t resist getting this tongue in cheek Noble Authority mask ($15). Each mask is made in Toronto.

I fell in love with these beautiful prints from Terre Neuve Supply. Based in Newfoundland, the handmade face masks come in a variety of prints. My favourite collection is the nautical one. Each mask is $12.

The whimsical prints and patterns of Pomp & Ceremony ($22)have made these masks tough to get your hands on. But if you sign up for restock alerts, you’ll have a stylish and well made mask in no time.

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