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Camping at Bon Echo

1-IMG_3363 1-IMG_3386I had such a good time camping at Bon Echo in 2012 that I went back again this summer! Bon Echo is a massive provincial park about 4 hours away from Toronto. The campsites are spacious and secluded.

1-IMG_3369 1-IMG_3363The especially good campsites are at Hardwood Hills. The campsite is nestled in the maple-beech forest and you are literally surrounded by trees. I was at campsite 407. You can see your neighbors a little bit, but the privacy and shade are great.

1-IMG_3375 1-IMG_3378I brought some camping gear with me from Coleman to use. (Thanks, Coleman!)This popcorn popper was my all time favourite! It was really easy to use and made really tasty popcorn. We all had fun using it.

1-IMG_3352 1-IMG_3358I also took along an Excursion Cooler for drinks. It fit so many drinks! I initially thought it was small but it fit just the right amount! It’s also really compact so it doesn’t take up much room in the car.

1-IMG_3385We went for a drive to the other side of the park to check out Mazinaw Lake. It’s fun to watch people climb the 100 metre high Mazinaw Rock. The Rock featuring over 260 Aboriginal pictographs. You don’t have to climb the rocks to see the carvings. You can take the Interpretive boat tour or paddle yourself out there in a canoe or kayak. Note: If you want to rent a boat, make sure you do it early in the day because they run out!

1-IMG_3398You can visit the visitor center to see some artwork, interpretive displays and cool animal skulls. For a list of other activities at the park, click here!

1-IMG_3393Have you been to Bon Echo before? Bon Echo is at [mappress mapid=”1″].

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