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Brunch at the T|Bar in the Chelsea Hotel

1-IMG_4404Is there anything better than brunch in the summer? Not much. I recently went to try out the brunch at the T|Bar in the Chelsea Hotel. The dining room was comfy and modern.



Our meal started off with some freshly baked pastries (croissants, banana chocolate chip muffins) and our choice of fresh orange, apple or grapefruit juice.


I liked the selection of teas that they had. I chose the Breakfast in Paris black tea, but was tempted by the Uncle Grey (a creamy version of Earl Grey) and the Roasted Apple Chai (exactly what it sounds like, yum!).

Have you ever been stuck between ham or sausage? No worries here, you can have it all! This brunch option came with the admittedly hard to decipher (but then when you do, you’re like, ohhhhh.) side of Oink Oink Gobble Oink. That would be ham, turkey sausage patty and a pork sausage. A delicious trio for the meat lover!


I had the Croque Monsieur Omelette. The omelette arrived atop a piece of grilled focaccia and seared tomato. The omelette was filled with country smoked ham, Gruyere cheese and Dijon mustard. It was so good! I couldn’t resit adding a side of home fries, and I’m glad I did!


They were perfectly crisp, with grilled veggies and served in an adorable mason jar. I loved the presentation of all of the meals.


This is the Traditional English Fare with fried eggs, home fries, grilled pullman bread, Cape Breton baked beans and Oink Oink Gobble Oink.


Cinnamon Maple Griddle Brioche was a sweet concoction of French toast, cinnamon apple compote, Quebec syrup, and of course, Oink Oink Gobble Oink.

We all enjoyed our meals and the excellent service. The best thing about this brunch is that it’s an All You Can Eat! For $22 you can order from the brunch menu as much as you’d like. It’s made fresh each time!

We were pretty stuffed after our first meal selections, and you probably will be too…but it’s nice to know the option is there, right?


The T|Bar is in the Chelsea Hotel, Toronto is at 33 Gerrard Street West, Toronto, Ontario. Brunch is served on Sundays.



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