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Brunch at Lola’s Kitchen

On a bright winter morning my friend and I set off for brunch at Lola’s Kitchen.
We didn’t have to wait in line at all, but it was a bit busy inside (it was 2pm…what can I say, we brunch late!) and we were seated upstairs. The decor is funky, with interesting light fixtures and unique art on the walls.

Lola offers a variety of yummy sounding dishes for brunch. Gluten Free Granola, Frittata and Eggs Rancheros are just some of the menu options. The one thing that the menu didn’t have was omelets…I love them.

I started off with a hot apple cider drink that was warm and spicy to take the chill off. I had Lola’s Classic Grilled Cheese ($10) with frites and extra bacon ($2). The fries were great! Hand cut and crispy thin with just the right amount of seasoning. The grilled cheese was okay, nothing to write home about. I’m glad I ordered bacon and I really liked the bread. This also came with a side of delicious house made ketchup. Yum!

My friend had the ‘Shroom Benny, which was toasted organic whole wheat biscuits topped with caramelized onions, baby spinach, roasted mushrooms, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce, served with salad. She really liked the mushrooms and the biscuits.

We had decided to share an order of house made pork sausage ($4) which was delicious but the portion was too small. We thought that we would have gotten 2 or three little sausage, but we got one small portion of sliced sausage (above).

With all of the awesome brunch options in Toronto, I’m not sure I’d go back here for that meal. I think I’d try lunch or dinner though and get a side of those yummy fries.

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