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Smart and Savvy Breville Tea Maker


I’m not a coffee drinker. I often look on enviously at the endless gadgets available for coffee drinkers, and wonder, Does no one care about the tea drinkers? Are we a minority?

Breville has answered my tea gadget dreams. The Breville Tea Maker is the perfect machine for tea drinkers like me!

This smart kettle is programmable to steep your favourite brew to perfection. It has preset settings for white, black and green tea. You can also set your own for your special blend.
Tea Maker in Action

Tea Maker in Action

So how does it work? You fill the basket with your favorite tea leaves and the kettle with your desired amount of water. Then you press the button for your tea and the magic happens. The water heats up to the perfect temperature, and the tea basket sinks up and down in the water, steeping your tea to perfection. You can also choose how strong you’d like your tea. After a few minutes, the kettle beeps and you’re ready to enjoy your cuppa. You can also choose to keep the warm warm if you’re not ready to enjoy quite yet.
Since I’ve had this tea maker, the way I make tea has changed. I love showing off my tea maker and it’s so easy to whip up some loose leaf tea. It’s also pretty fun to watch thanks to its transparent kettle. Did I mention the best part? You can program it to brew your cup of tea for when you wake up in the morning.
Get your own tea maker at Breville and see how it changes your tea time!



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