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Bratwurst, beer and bites at the new Steam Whistle Biergarden


Bremner has been changing over the years. First we got the Ripley’s Aquarium, then the amazing Rec Room, and now, delicious eats. Steam Whistle Brewing has been in the brick roundhouse on Bremner for a very long time. In 1999 Steam Whistle took on a lease at the roundhouse to open a factory on-site. The rest is history. Steam Whistle has been brewing up fresh pilsner every since. In 2018 they expanded their operations to include another brewery. Now only 40% of Steam Whistle beer is brewed in Toronto. The rest is brewed in Vaughan.

Don’t be sad, this has freed up some space for some pretty cool things, including their new 2,500 square feet European inspired Biergarden. The restaurant is decked out in green and white with glowing neon signs and fresh plants. It has a very casual vibe, diners go to the green shipping container to place their orders. The goal was to create a traditional beirgarden that reflects the beauty of the ones in Munich, Germany. The restaurant can seat 100 people in bench style seating. When it warms up, 50 people will be able to dine on the patio.

The bar serves Steam Whistle beer in three different sizes, including a 1 liter stein. Feel like getting fancy? They also have bier cocktails like radlers and shandys. If you’re not feeling like beer, don’t fear. They have offerings of cider and wine.

In the kitchen, they partnered with Food Dudes. Chef Tyson is running the kitchen and has created some amazing dishes. I sampled a few of their dishes, and can’t wait to go back.

Debreziner Sausage ($16) Von Bugle Mustard, Gypsy Sauce, Arugula, Crispy Potato, Pickled Chilies, Coleslaw and Brioche Roll

The pork hock is a traditional German dish. They aim to make it the best schwine hock in Toronto. It’s served with house made mustard.

Spatzle n’ Cheese ($16) with bacon, limburger, aged cheddar, mozzarella, pickled jalapenos, scallions, herbed crust

Pretzels served with Steam Whistle Cheese dip and a honey mustard dip.

Steak Tartare has bone marrow, house mustard and dill pickle crostini

Fish n Chips ($21) Steam whistle battered cod, coleslaw, German cut potatoes and tartar sauce

Bratwurst Sausage ($16) Steam whistle honey Mustard, arugula, pepper relish, fried shallots, coleslaw and pickles on a brioche roll

Biermarket is a welcome addition to the developing Bremner area. It’s a great place to hang out before or after the game, or to enjoy a delicious soft pretzel with a group of friends. Check out the website or make a reservation on Open Table.


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