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Bonfire Catering Food Truck

The University of Toronto Scarborough Campus has a farmers market each week, and it’s pretty much my favourite weekly habit. This year, they have a Food Truck that will be visiting as part of the market!

Bonfire Catering is almost literally a bonfire on wheels. Inside of their truck, they managed to house a mugnaini Italian pizza oven! It’s family run and they are very friendly.
When I went, the menu featured Hot Mexican pizza ($10), a Mediterranean Chicken Pizzetta Sandwich ($10) and pepperoni slices. ($5 with water)

I picked up a personal sized Hot Mexican pizza. They fire them up right there on the truck, and it’s made fresh. The pizza was spicy with hot peppers and their own homemade spicy sausage. It was super good. I’ve been back there since (pepperoni and vegetarian) but this one is my favourite!

The Farmers Market is every Wednesday in the University of Toronto parking lot from 3pm- 7pm.

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