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Blog Tour: The Truth Commission by Susan Juby


I think that Susan Juby could write anything, and I would devour it. Her topics are always so varied -a chicken farm, a teen P.I, a young girl coming of age in BC- and all addictive. I even read her autobiography (I typically don’t read non-fiction) about alcohol abuse, and really enjoyed it.

In her new book,The Truth Commission, Susan brings her sharp humor, loveable characters and trademark wit to Green Pastures Academy of Art and Applied Design.

Normandy Pale has tasked herself and her friends with chase the truth…no matter the cost. They aim to get to the heart of gossip, and to discover secrets.


In true “Truth Commission” fashion, here are my two truths and a lie.

1. I was stuck in Egypt for days during the revolution in 2011.
2. I missed my connecting flight to Japan from Detroit.
3. I tried to get into the wrong car at a subway kiss and ride…repeatedly.

Find out the lie after the cut!

Normandy pieces together this tale in a work of “creative non-fiction” for a class assignment. In these pages, she eventually tackles what no one else in her house wants to face- what happened to her brilliant, comic genius sister Keira while she was abroad.

Keira created a popular graphic novel series called the Diana Chronicles, that is based on her own family. Unfortunately, the novel depicts her family at their absolute worst. Normandy’s family is definitely dysfunctional, and it is painful at times to read.

Normandy is so focused on the truth, and it’s implications, that she sometimes doesn’t even consider her own wants and needs. Although she overlooks herself, its clear that she matters to someone she never even considered. I found the romance aspect of this book charming!

Do yourself a favour, and pick up The Truth Commission!

PS: The lie is that I missed my connecting flight to Japan. That would have been the worst!

Title: The Truth Commission by Susan Juby
Publisher: Razorbill Canada
Hardcover, 309 pages

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