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You may think nothing of someone whipping up a batch of fresh butter, but what about someone whipping up a batch of fresh margarine right before your eyes? Totally unexpected and very cool. That’s what I thought when I attended the Blend Bar by Becel event at Loblaws.



We watched the talented Rose Reisman grind up her own canola seeds and make margarine with a few ingredients. She infused her margarine with lemon and olive oil. We then got to taste it on fresh bread, and it was delectable.


Becel is now using no artificial flavours, and simpler ingredients. You can substitute margarine 1 for 1 when cooking and baking. I usually sub margarine for butter when I’m baking, and it still tastes delicious! Plus, there’s 80% less saturated fat than butter.


Chef Graham Elliot, a Michelin starred chef of Masterchef fame, was on hand to share his cooking techniques and favourite recipes made using Becel. My favourite one?



The above photo of the mouthwatering Garlic and Thyme Based Strip Steak with Wild Mushrooms and Becel® -Laced Whipped Potatoes was delicious. We were all just drooling from the amazing scent as he fried up the stakes in garlic and becel. Yum!


Becel is now available without artificial flavours and with simpler ingredients. Until March 20th at Maple Leaf Gardens (60 Carlton St), visitors can visit the Becel Blend Bar to see the seeds that are harvested and pressed into oils, and taste some treats made with Becel. Be sure to visit!

Credit: Becel

Credit: Becel


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