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Beauty Prep at WAXON Waxbar


With TIFF rolling into town and everyone beautifying for the star studded film fest, I chatted with Lexi Miles, the founder of the ultra luxe spot, Waxon Waxbar, about all thing unwanted hair.

What’s the most popular waxing service for women and men?
The Brazilian! A lot of Women are all about going bare down there – the smoother the better! For Men, ‘ The Full Back Combo ’ is the most popular male service and we aren’t complaining about it. When it comes to manscaping, we advise clients it’s all about personal preference but we draw the line at back and shoulder hair…guys, it’s just not hot.

What’s a tip for someone who is nervous about waxing?
The 40YearOld Virgin experience doesn’t have to be your reality. Go to an experienced
Waxologist at a place that specializes in waxing and you will have a very different experience. Also, exfoliating the skin and trimming the hair (we recommend the length of a grain of rice) prior to your service will help prep the hair for waxing and decrease the discomfort.
If you are still feeling uncomfortable about the experience, at WAXON we have numbing creams available that are used primarily for below the belt services. BareEase numbing cream for Women, and Numb Nuts for Men, and YES – it does exactly what it says. No pain, no problem!

Tell me more about arm waxing. I hear all the celebs do it. Is this a recent trend?
Arm waxing is the best kept secret to achieving long, lean, red carpet worthy arms! This should be at the top of every Woman’s to do list. Arm waxing is becoming increasingly popular every day. Who doesn’t want smooth, soft, sexy, lean looking arms? And the best part…Arm waxing doesn’t hurt! You can thank us later.

As we head into cooler weather, do people start waxing different areas?

Smooth is in style year round and most Men & Women who wax, continue to wax year round,however, in the cooler months clients focus mostly on facial and below the belt services. Typically summer time is the time to be completely hair free from head to toe Women start to try new services like arms, underarms, full leg and of course below the belt waxing in order to be bikini ready and summer smooth! Men on the other hand focus on Full Back, Chests & Full Stomach waxing so they can also be beach ready.

Do you think any celebrities may stop by to get prepped for TIFF?

We have several local celebrities frequent WAXON throughout the year and tend to see a few more last minute wax appointments to get TIFF Red Carpet Ready.
Who you ask… We never Wax & Tell !


I visited their PATH location for a leg wax, and was very happy with how fast and convenient the service was! Service was also very friendly. Take a look at the services offered, and find a spot near you!

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