Picture This! Bask-It-Style Lounge for TIFF


TIFF has officially roared into town, and with it comes the star studded films, indie hits and of course…celebrities. This week, I was able to get a peek at one of the many gift lounges that the stars will breeze through.

The Bask-It Style Lounge is celebrating 6 years! This year, the lounge was inside of the Royal Suite at the Royal York Hotel.

“TIFF is always busy for visiting talent, and Bask-It-Style removes a step by delivering cool new products to the stars,” says Jessica Glover, GLO Communications. “It’s direct and discreet gifting at its very best.”

05-IMG-20140903-WA0001The Craft Brand Company was on-hand to conduct beer tastings. interesting brew was by La Trappe. Tripel Ale is actually brewed in a monastery under the supervision of monks!

18-IMG_20140903_230016I was really happy to be able to try some of the first cider from the Brickworks Ciderhouse!  They only use apples grown in Ontario and they donate 5% of profit to Evergreen.

We got to see the new Kobo! The Kobo Aura H20 can amazingly be dunked into water- and survive!

17-IMG_20140903_225242Pretty jewelry from Studio 1098.

11-IMG-20140903-WA0009Mary Kay was there to present their new Midnight Jewels Collection along with other products. I love the rich hues!

06-IMG-20140903-WA0004Of course, being a huge book nerd, my favourite part of the lounge was the Reading Room. Lots of books were out from Candlewick Press, Random House and DK books. My favourite was this kids book!


It was fun to live like a celeb for one day with all the perks!


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