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[ Picture This ] The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair

Dressed in my most ‘artsy’ top, I walked into the Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair only to discover that my top matched perfectly with the wall exhibit at the main entrance. This is an annual show that connects artists with art lovers. It’s a forum for art lovers to learn more about the artist, their story and engage in conversation with their favourite artists. I was in awe as I walked through the aisles lined with art like a kid in a candy store.

I enjoyed exploring the beautifully curated exhibits and connecting with the artists while learning what inspired their creativity.

I was enamoured with the artwork by Gordon Harrison, his use of colours to represent Canadian landscapes was visually sensational.

Some of the artwork I found fascinating included Bagmandala by Dave Bagley. It is a mandala that was created beginning with the inside out using geometric shapes, filled with animals and insects. The piece kept growing from the centre outwards and was developed over the span of 20 years. This unique work of art was created with ink on wood.

Here are some other pieces by Bagley, including art on musical instruments.

Swatch had a really neat exhibit displaying their colourful watches. When I was 10 years old, I remember my parents taking me and my brothers to FAO Swartz in New York City and buying me a Swatch watch. It was my most prized possession as a kid! The exhibit brought back memories and drew me towards expressing my creativity by wearing a colourful watch again. I haven’t wore a watch in several years due to skin sensitivities with metals. Luckily, Swatch has some watches that are made of silicone and on some of the watches the dial on the back does not expose the metal.

The following are some other pieces that caught my eye.


The art was complimented with delectable macarons, local wine from Niagara-on-the-Lake, cotton candy, liquid olives and live painting.

I have so much respect for these artists whom express their creativity and live their passions. The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair was an enriching experience and I will be back next year to ignite my creativity.

Neetu Mehra is a marketing professional by day and exploring interesting events in the city by night. She loves stimulating her taste buds at new restaurants, enjoying a great glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, long walks along the water, practicing hot yoga and traveling across the world.

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