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Anytime is Game Time with Mattel

1-IMG_2983Whether you’re playing with friends on a dock, by the pool or on your patio table…any time can be game time! One evening I was invited to spend the evening playing board games at Snakes and Lagers with Mattel. Snakes and Lagers is a board game bar…which means you can drink while you play!

That night, we were able to visit different game stations. Competition was fierce!

1-IMG_2988The first game was Mad Gab. It was also when I learned that I was pretty bad at Mad Gab. It was still fun though!

1-IMG_2997I was able to redeem myself at Apples to Apples.This was a great ice breaker to get to know new people. We all quickly got to know the sense of humor of our team mates…and used it to our advantage.

1-IMG_3002The breakfast station was where we played Pictionary! We had lots of fun making silly and outrageous sketches for everyone to guess.

1-IMG_20140723_201542003_HDRThe last game that we played was a new game: Bounce Off! This game was so much fun to play. There are four players in teams of two. Everyone bounces ping pong balls to try to get them to match the pattern on a card. The goal is the get them to land in perfect formation on the grid. It’s super easy to play and it was my favourite game of the night!

Snakes and Lagers serves up delicious cocktails and snacks to eat while you game. Here’s what we tasted that night!

 Snakes and Lagers is at 488 College Street, Toronto, ON

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