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Anna Sui’s Flirting with Flutter Mascara Collection


Anna’s Sui’s Spring Collection Flirting with Flutter is inspired by bird’s wings, strong and dramatic but also graceful and delicate. Flirting with Flutter focuses on the eyes.



Anna Sui’s new Length & Separation Mascara ($29). The formula features the perfect blend of Hard Fibers (firm and straight) that work in tandem with Soft Fibers (cushy) and attach parallel to each lash creating length instantly.

The Slim Curved Brush has a unique twisted and crimped shape that easily picks up the liquid and fibers of the mascara, expertly separating each lash and depositing a layer of formula onto the lashes.The quick-drying formula instantly freezes the curl in place.


I liked the  Curl & Volume Mascara best. The formula is comprised of a large dose of highly adhesive Lash Maximizer, a resin that creates a taut film, lifting lashes from the root. At the same time, a highly adhesive, smooth-textured silicone powder Volume-Up Powder, lends a density to the formula for lashes that appear full and multiplied. Finally, Volume-Up Smooth Polymer’s silky-textured silicone resin forms a highly adhesive, voluminous film that prevents stickiness so that each lash is separated for a beautifully fanned out finish.


Featuring a unique Dual-Sided Brush, each flat side has a different length to deposit the perfect amount of mascara for the desired effect. The wide side holds more mascara to instantly add volume with just one swipe. The narrow side brushes through lashes to separate and curl.


Check out the collection at the Hudson’s Bay Company.

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