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Allure Body Bar

Allure Body Bar is a stylish waxing and personal grooming salon in the east end. Allure Body Bar views waxing as a maintenance necessity, not a luxury, so they provide affordable pricing so their clients can wax as needed.
Although they are known for their famous full Brazillian waxes (which I’m not brave enough for) I’m here for a leg wax ($40)!
1-IMG_15921-June 2014I immediately love their funky graffiti style that greets you in the lobby. The graffiti is done by a local artist, and you can see the art in the treatment rooms and in other areas of the body bar.

1-IMG_1599They have a nice selection of lotions and aftercare products available in store.

Allure offers a variety of services along with waxes. Skin treatments, lash and brow tinting, Dermalogica Facials and more are offered here. Take a look at their services here.

1-IMG_1604My esthetician is friendly and efficient and she leads me to my treatment room. The waxing is quick and is relatively pain free. While she works, we chat about their other services. Allure offers waxing services to men and women, and they wax any and everything. The amount of their male customers is steadily rising, and it’s becoming really popular for men to get the Manzilian!

Before I know it, my treatment is done and I’m left with silky soft legs. In the room there is a beauty station where you can apply Lovefresh lotion and more to your freshly waxed parts.

1-IMG_1602I love it! It includes wipes and the Lovefresh lotions smelled yummy.

I enjoyed my time at Allure Body Bar. Service was fast, knowledgeable and friendly. Check them out! Remember to book your appointment ahead of time online- they get busy!

Allure Body Bar is at 735 Danforth Avenue.


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