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Every so often, I get an even invitation that’s outside of my regular hood, but the invite sounds so tempting that I can’t resist! In this case, I trekked out to Etobicoke (okay, it’s really not that far but feels far coming from the east end!) to attend a dinner for Braiseryy. I was so glad that I did, because it was delicious, and I’ll definitely be visiting it again!

Braiseryy specializes in Brazilian chicken. They have the cutest art on the walls!



The owner, Emad Masoud, is an engineer who designed his own rotisserie grill. The computer checks to ensure that the chicken is cooked. When it’s cooked, the fire diminishes. This helps the chicken stay juicy. His biggest machine can cook 120 birds in 2 hours. Wow!


The chicken was perfectly crisp and packed with flavour. It was served with their in house hot sauce that’s made with roasted hot peppers that are then marinated for 100 hours.


Their fried chicken is steamed under high pressure. In the last two minutes, the chicken goes from the boom of the pan to the top. This makes the chicken less greasy.

Other chicken staples include:

Boneless Bites

Boneless Bites

Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken

What really got me was their garlic potatoes. I’m a HUGE garlic fan, and these potatoes are the real deal!


The potatoes are put into a machine and then they come out a perfect bite size. The garlic sauce is dairy and gluten free, and made with olive oil, herbs, lemon juice and of course, garlic.



To finish, we had a delicious deep fried cheesecake, and some donuts from Jelly Modern.



I’ll definitely be returning here. If you want to try authentic Brazilian chicken, you need to visit!


 Visit Braiseryy at 3836 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON, M9B 1L1.

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