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One morning I spent the morning making one of my favourite dishes, fried chicken!
KFC invited me to learn how to make their famous fried chicken! Quirky Chef Bob Blumer was the host for the day, assisting the chefs with some of the duties. Since KFC’s service is usually so fast, and is categorized as fast food, you wouldn’t think that so many steps would be put into each dish.

I was able to learn the some of the secrets (not their 11 herbs and spices though, only about 3 people really know the recipe) to their chicken success at their new store in Mississauga.
First step was to wash our hands, like any cook going into the KFC  kitchen would do. After this, we saw the first step of making the chicken lead by an employee who has been at KFC for 25 years! Although the 100% Canadian chicken has gone through an inspection prior to arriving in the KFC kitchens, the cooks lead another inspection making sure it is top quality. They are able to get 9 pieces from each chicken because of how they divide the chicken.
Afterwards, the chicken is put into water for cleaning, and my favourite part- into the flour for coating! The chicken is coating by hand using a special method, and is then put onto the tray for frying.
The chicken is put into their pressure fryers which were made specially for the Kernel when he first started KFC. After 14 minutes, the chicken is crispy and ready to eat!
Want to make your own KFC Chicken? Check out their new cooking school locations where you get to make your own bucket of chicken! Sign up here!

Toronto – 2383 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Calgary – 5012-16 Ave. NW, Calgary

Vancouver – 14-2047 Sumas Way, Abbotsford



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