On a cold winter afternoon, I was immersed in the colourful world of citrus! Sunkist entertained us all with a delicious blend of tasty cocktails, dishes, DIY projects and healthy facts all revolving around citrus.


I’m a huge fan of citrus and I love grapefruits and oranges. Citrus has soothing oils and is  great way to invigorate the 5 senses and boost your energy. People have a more positive perception of you when they smell lemon oil on you.


At the event, Toronto Mixologist, Oliver Stern, whipped up tasty cocktails and Registered dietitian Sue Mah to discussed the various holistic health benefits of citrus.



Chef David Lee created some fresh and flavour citrus dishes for us to enjoy.


Abbey Sharp showed us how to make an amazing smelling air freshener using citrus in a slow cooker. It smelled SO good.

It’s super easy to make this at home! Add the peels of a Cara orange, clementines, navel oranges and meyer lemons. Next, add maple syrup, rosemary, cinnamon sticks and apples or pears. Lastly, add some water and put the slow cooker on high. Enjoy this delicious scent all day long.

Not only does it smell good, but it’s also good for you! Orange oil has a compound that helps to reduce tension and stress. The act of peeling citrus actually raises your dopamine levels and makes you feel good.

The colour orange is associated with enthusiasm and yellow is associated with joy. Brighten up your mood by wearing a scarf or hat in these bright hues.

What’s your favourite citrus?








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