The List: 30 before 30


Yay, it’s 2016! Are you excited for all of the new adventures that await you? This is the year I turn 30! Ahhh. I need to work on completing my list…or maybe modifying some goals on my 30 before 30 bucket list!

Already Done
2. go to japan
4. go to thunder bay/sault ste marie
5. learn how to knit
10. go to portland, oregon
15. take a tropical vacation
21. go on a roadtrip
22. have a published illustration in a magazine or book
24. go zip lining
27. kiss someone on new years
28. go snorkling
29. learn how to sail

To be Done
1. ride a mechanical bull
3. go to a dark sky reserve
6. learn how to crochet
7. learn how to drive
8. get married or engaged (!!!)
11. see the rest of Canada! (ambiguous!)
12. try glassblowing
13. see the northern lights
14. go to every continent (ambitious…may need modification)
16. go to hawaii
17. go to comic con in LA
19. go to a rave
20. take dancing lessons
23. go to vegas
25. go paint balling
26. do a 1k or 5k etc walk/bike/run
30. learn how to make Jamaican Rum Cake

Wish me luck!

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