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24 Hours in Nice, France

1-IMG_5095 1-IMG_5062Nice is the capital of the French Rivera. With it’s dazzling views of the Mediterranean coast line and mountain ranges, it’s truly a beautiful place.

Getting Around

You can fly into Nice via the Nice-Côte d’Azur airport. You can also grab a train from Paris or other major cities. I took the train from Paris to Nice and it took about 5 hours and 30 minutes. While in town, you can use the extensive bus system. Bus fare is 1,50 €, and they have day passes available.


1-IMG_1911Fencchino Ice Cream: Fencchino’s has been scooping ice cream since 1966. They have over 94 flavours:59 ice creams and 35 sorbets! This place was crazy busy, but definitely worth it. Along with the typical flavours, they had rose, milk flavour, vanilla and pink pepper, spice bread and honey and pine nuts. Pictured above is a scoop of the amazing Speculoos (seriously, why doesn’t Canada have this??) and a scoop of Cinnamon. To see all flavours click here.

1-IMG_5162Socca: This crispy chickpeas crepe is a specialty of Nice. It’s seasoned with black pepper and best eaten hot!

nicebreadFougasse: A must try for bread lovers, this twisty bread is usually only found in Provence. The one above has olive and herbs, and is amazing. I wanted to eat 20 of these.


1-IMG_5201Hop on, Hop off Bus:

There is no better way to see the city with limited time than on this bus! These buses will zip you around town (with a narrated audio tour, no less.) 11 stops cover all the city’s highlights and you can hop on and off as much as you want. $32.53 per adult for 24 hours.

1-IMG_1821Cours Saleya Flower Market ( Le marché aux fleurs)

Visit this picturesque award winning market to see hundreds of flowers. The market is held 6 am to 5.30 pm daily, but with some exceptions. You’ll also be able to find soap vendors and other small goods here. Check the times here.

Old Nice

1-IMG_5152Old Nice is beautiful with winding cobbled streets and laundry hanging in the narrow alleys. Crammed with tiny shops, beautiful fountains and lots off picturesque photo spots, it’s  good place to spend the afternoon.

Old Nice…at night


At night, the entire quarter of old Nice turns into a club. Seriously. People of all ages were crammed into alleys that had suddenly become clubs. Loud, pounding music was everyone. Adults and children alike danced, some whilst eating ice cream. The party even spills out onto the beach and goes late into the morning. I witnessed a 12 year old boy spinning beats to a frenzied crowd on the balcony of a club. Well played, Nice, well played.


The Beaches

1-IMG_1791Picture this: beautifully clear water with pebbled beaches. Nice is spoiled to be surrounded by the lovely Mediterranean Sea. Take advantage of it by sunbathing or going for a dip! There are many beaches in Nice, but the most convenient one for me was the rocky beach along the Promenade d’ Anglais. Be sure to bring flip flops and towel.

1-IMG_5305Promenade du Paillon

Excellent place for people watching, or just to cool off from the heat. This 12-hectare urban park features water mirrors and fountains that alternate from jetting high into the sky or turning into a romantic mist.

There are a million more things to do in Nice, but I just showed you the highlights for other visitors that are in a time crunch! If you have more time, take a day trip to nearby Eze, take in some galleries or go shopping!  Visit for trip planning ideas!

Thanks for the support from Nice Tourism!

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