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The Turducken Quest & Review

On the night I chose to get my Turducken, it was the day after the ice storm had totaled Toronto. Our Turducken was waiting (anxiously, maybe?) for us to pick it up from Markham.

After a long drive without stop lights or streetlights, we arrived to find out that the wrong Turducken had been placed on hold. Not only that, but as it was merely days to Christmas, we were unlikely to find a store with a classic Turkducken in stock.

Undeterred, I kept trying until I found a store that had one- in Thornhill, arriving 10 minutes before closing time.

So yes. This is what I was doing while the GTA was losing power. I would feel a bit guilty except the Turducken was so good that it basically took away the guilt.

Thank you, Turducken.

IMG_6243At this point, you may be wondering what the heck is a Turducken? This amazing roast is a duck stuffed in a chicken, stuffed into a turkey.

Everything is deboned except for the wings and legs. In the middle is your choice of stuffing, either Italian sausage or chicken apple sausage.  Crazy, right? It’s made by Echelon Foods. All of this luxury does come at a pretty steep price. Mine was $96.72 at Sobeys, but it can feed up to 12 people!

I followed the cooking directions online to help me get through this. Luckily, it was pretty easy! The bird is already marinated and seasoned. All I had to do was figure out how long to cook it for. I cooked it in the oven at 220F. My Turducken was almost 5 pounds…so it cooked for about 7 hours!

It’s important to note that the Turducken had been defrosting in the fridge for at least a day. Don’t cook a frozen bird!

IMG_6250There it is! I may have left it in for a tiny bit too long, but I think it came out well! Did I mention that this was for Christmas dinner? Everyone was really excited when it was done.

IMG_6263Now, there is a cooler way to cut this so that you can see the cross section of meat more clearly, but I was really excited to eat it. It was delicious and really rich. I enjoyed the sausage stuffing. My one tip would be to add extra spices to the bird to kick up the flavour a little bit.

IMG_6262 Yum! Turducken pot pie, anyone? You can get your Turducken as a classic like I did, or try the roast or even burgers! Check out for more info!

L’Oreal Gold Dust Collection

IMG_6117New for 2014, L’Oreal has introduced their unbelievably shimmery Gold Dust polishes. These textured polishes provide excellent coverage and sparkle with just one coat!

These polishes have a micro shimmer base with larger sparkles more on the surface.nails3

This is glittery blue is Too Dimensional? with only one coat. See how great the coverage is?

IMG_6292Rough Around the Edges is a toned down (for this collection) almost matte black is a sexy monochrome.

IMG_6682Hidden Gems

IMG_6330Diamond in the Rough

 These polishes hit shelves for Spring 2014! What do you think?

Dinner at Le Papillon on Front

Do you ever have restaurants that you always pass and you think to yourself- I should check that out one day! But for some reason or another, you never do? That was like me and Le Papillon on Front. Needless to say, I was very happy to get an invite to finally check them out.

December 20131

The outside of Le Papillon is deceiving it looks a but small, it’s actually huge inside! Despite it’s size, it has a very cozy, romantic atmosphere with exposed brick walls, dark wood and flickering candle light.


December 2013
Look at that cheese!

We started with a sample size of their French Onion soup. This soup was the perfect size! I always find French Onion soup very hearty and perfect for winter- but super filling. This smaller size allowed me to enjoy the soup but still leave room for more.

Papillon Salad

The Papillon Salad ($9) was a mixed green salad with diced assorted peppers, asparagus, house Tarragon dressing and topped with half of an a hard boiled egg!


Above is the sampler plate that included house made Chicken Liver Pate, croustinis and Sautéed Tiger Shrimp served in a Tarragon Garlic butter broth. The shrimp was so good,  I could’ve had a whole plate of them alone.



This was my favourite dish! This plate has a slice of Tourtière is a classic Quebec meat pie, and one of my favourite dishes ever. Here it’s made up of seasoned Veal, Pork & Beef. The meat was tender and has a slightly sweet finish. The pastry is just perfect, short and a little flaky.

The other half of the plate is half of a New York Striploin steak served with amazing homemade herbed garlic butter, vegetables and crispy frites. Yum.


At this point, we are very full but we go on for the sake of you, dear reader. And also because we like to eat. Above is the Duck Confit served with an orange Grand Marnier sauce and the potatoes and veggies. The duck was crisp and moist.


This huge crepe is actually a smaller size that normal because we were having the tasting menu. Wow! The St. Laurent Crepe is stuffed with an interesting mix of Bacon, Cooked Apples and Cheddar Cheese. The bacon was nice a thick, and the apples gave it all a nice texture. The crepe itself was a bit sweet.


Finally we were done with our mains and it was time for dessert! All three of them, starting with this Strawberry Crepe above.


This Chocolate Mousse was amazing, and it was the best chocolate mousse that I’ve tasted in a long time! It was creamy and rich, with a hint of liqueur.


I’ve only had Pouding Chômeur once before and it was in Quebec City. It’s nice to know that you can get this Quebec dessert in Toronto! This cake is always served warm. The Le Papillon version is served with warm caramel sauce and ice cream. It’s the perfect way to end a lovely meal!

If you’ve never been to Le Papillon,  you need to check it out! It’s a gorgeous restaurant with authentic French food (and amazing Tourtière).  Take a look at their menu!

Le Papillon on Front 69 Front St. E. Toronto, ON. (416) 367-0303

[map]  Le Papillon on Front 69 Front St. E. Toronto, ON [/map]

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