Month: September 2013

Taking Care of Your Delicates with Forever New


I’m the kinda girl that tosses all of my laundry into the machine at once. I definitely don’t separate bras, and they do tend to get tangled in the washer. Ultimately, throwing my bras into the washing machine all willy-nilly will end up destroying them.

That’s why I was happy to get the chance to try a Bra Bather and Forever New Wash.

So, what is a Bra Bather? This soft cylinder will protect your bras.  The built in frame and extra padding will help to extend the life of your bras. I managed to fit 4 bras in the bather and I used the washing machine.

I  washed them in Forever New. Forever New is a special wash made with plant based, biodegradable cleansers; and is free of parabens, phthalates and dyes. It has a delicate scent, and can be used to wash lingerie & hosiery, silk, wool, cotton, and lycra.

When I took them out, they were looked perfect and smelled really good (Thanks to Forever New).

Washing bras in the Bra Bather will eliminate common problems like snags and popped out under-wire.

Now, my bras don’t come out of the washer looking like they’ve been in the losing part of a fight. No, they are pristine and ready to tackle a new week.

Thank you, Bra Bather.

The Bra Bather is $9.99 (A-C cup bras) $13.99 (D+ cup bras). Get one here. Forever New can be found here.

Pink Martini’s Fall Collection

I was happy to be able to check out the new Fall/Winter 2013 Pink Martini pieces a couple of weeks ago. This whimsical, Canadian brand gives off a very vintage feel in all of their pieces.


Pink Martini caters to the confident, and intriguing woman. She’s a creative soul, with a desire to know. She loves to travel, and her influence is based on the places she knows or dreams of going to. Her style is influenced by culture, music, and trends.

I loved the various prints, muted colours,  contrasting trim and fitted but loose silhouette of many of the dresses.



The collection includes printed pants, various dresses, fitted skirts and blouses and coats.

The collection ranges from $35 to $130. You can buy Pink Martini clothing online from ModCloth and PiperLime. You can also pick up the collection in Toronto at the Showroom, Charlie and Coal Miners Daughter.

Click here to check out the Lookbook!


How I Live Now TIFF Review


How I Live Now started off with an unexpectedly rocking and upbeat song. As the main character goes through the airport security, you catch snippets of things that seem a bit off. Military personnel are glimpsed on numerous occasions, and a glance at the television shows images of a Paris bombing.

Elizabeth  (Saoirse Ronan) or Daisy, as she prefers to be called, has been sent off to live with her cousins in England for the summer. Her acerbic attitude can be a bit painful to watch sometimes when
up against her wholesome, cheerful cousins. Eventually the countryside charms Daisy and her relationship with her three cousins improves. She also begins to grow closer to the oldest cousin, Edmund (George MacKay).  It’s important to note that they aren’t really blood cousins. FYI.

All is not right however. One of the key scenes of the film is a warm, fun filled river scene juxtoposed with the harrowing aftermath of a nuclear bomb. After that, all bets are off. Idyllic county scenes are peppered with the looming threat (and beghinnings) of World War 3. Eventally, those scenes are gone completely, as Daisy and her youngest cousin Piper (Harley Bird) are stuck together to navigate this new war torn world.  What’s left behind is stark and at times harrowing.

This movie will grab you. It’s emotionally, at times unapologetically stark and beautiful to behold. The acting by all characters was fantastic, and the soundtrack was very fitting.

(I do want to note though, that Daisy’s internal monologue confused me at times, and that I also got the (mistaken?) impression that Emund seemed to be able to read her mind. ) Interestingly, the movie never reveals who the country is at war with.

As someone that didn’t read the book, this film had me at the edge of my seat, hoping for the best. This film was directed by Kevin Macdonald.

The cast and crew were present afterwards for a Q&A, which was great. It was so funny to hear Saoirse’s very Irish accent, and to hear about their favourite scenes. (George and Saoirse both enjoyed the scene where they released a hawk.)

TIFF Lounge: IT Lounge Portrait Studio

We are in full swing with TIFF Festivities! As the celebs and films roll into town, so do the exclusive swag lounges for the visiting celebrities.

I peeked in the IT Lounge Portrait Studio to give you a taste of what celebrities will be walking away with…after getting their portrait done, of course!


Skyy Vodka was on hand to provide signature movie inspired cocktails. I had the SKYY Adam’s Apple dedicated to Adam Levine’s role in “Can a Song Save Your Life?”. Sparkling golden apple juice paired with ginger ale and a sprig of Thyme bring this drink to life.



Yo Sox are Canadian (yay!) and come is a variety of delightful patterns such as anchors, Eiffel towers and cupcakes! These socks are designed in Canada and are available for men and women. They’ll be launching soon!


Guests will be treated to their choice of movie themed David’s Tea, in iced or hot form. Guests will be gifted with a Canadian favourite:  Oh Canada tea. This South African Red Rooibos Tea is sweetened with  Maple Syrup.


Each year, Tweezerman does a collaberation with an artist to design for their distinctive tweezers. This year, the featured paint splattered design is created by Isaac Mizrahi.


 Avon showed off a funky new mascara brush, new marc makeup collection items and fall Gel finish polish.

Colgate_Slim Soft_Brush_1

The Colgate Slimsoft is probably the coolest toothbrush I’ve seen. It’s charcoal hued bristles are extra thin to get to tough to reach spots. (Have you seen the creative Twitter campaign?)


Of course, a swag lounge isn’t complete without a lush area to relax in, and tasty treats to consume.

Coldstone Creamery provided cool treats, and there was a beautiful candy bar featuring baked goods from PS by Pretty Sweet & LOL Candy.

Hampton Inn & Suites Buffalo Downtown


When I checked into the Hampton Inn & Suites Buffalo Downtown, I wasn’t expecting much other than a comfortable bed. I did get that…but also a whole lot more!

The hotel was very modern and fresh, but still very comfortable. From the moment I stepped into the lobby, the staff was very friendly.

The lobby is spacious and has a library for you to work in or just read a book. The lobby also has complimentary coffee and tea, which is always a great perk.

The hotel also has a pool if you enjoy swimming, free airport transfer and free WiFi. The hotel is smack in the middle of downtown Buffalo, so you can’t beat the location. Niagara Falls is about 10 minutes away.




I was traveling with my whole family, and we had decided to share a room. We all agreed that the beds were extremely comfortable, and we all liked the simple, elegant decor.

I have this thing against beige hotel rooms, so I really appreciated the pretty, swirly carpet and the slate grey walls.

My sister and I loved the bathroom, because it was huge and had plenty of towels for a family of 4!

August 2013

Without a doubt, the free breakfast the next morning was the best part of our stay. All guests at the Hampton Inn & Suites enjoy a free hot breakfast. (not continental!)

The breakfast was beyond my expectations. It included: bacon (!), scrambled eggs, toast, bagels, English muffins, fruit, pastries and waffles.

Yeah, that’s right. You get to make your own waffle. They have a machine with batter and a cast iron waffle maker. You could potentially have unlimited waffles, although the breakfast is pretty filling, so one will probably do.

Another favourite was the healthier choice of Kashi cereal, along with your usual staples of Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes. Also, how cute is that to-go cup?

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Hampton Inn. I highly recommend that you stay here if you are ever in Buffalo! Oh, and do the Silo City Tour and visit the art gallery.

Hampton Inn & Suites Buffalo Downtown 220 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York, 14202, USA


Summer Moment Contest with Fruttare

I can’t believe that it’s September already. In my head, it’s still summer. Luckily, the weather hasn’t caught up with us yet and it’s still very warm! It’s the perfect time to indulge in an end of summer treat.

What was your favourite part of your summer? I really enjoyed my summer this year. The highlight of my summer was definitely the road-trip I did from Seattle all the way down to L.A.!

I loved giggling at the elephant seals, eating brunch in Portland and discovering the amazing Kimpton hotels.

My hands down best moment on this trip was driving down the Highway One.


It was amazing! A long, winding road surrounded by mountains on one side, and the pacific ocean on the other. It was the best road trip I’ve ever taken, and it was the highlight of my summer.


Fruttare is all about making and cherishing great memories.  Fruttare wants to help you enjoy your favourite summer memories with a delicious ice cold treat!

We’re giving away 1 box of Fruttare Fruit & Milk pops to 20 lucky readers! To enter, share your favourite summer moment with me  on Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #itsallgood. Include @hrtlesgirl and @FruttareCanada. You can also enter below!
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Elephant Seals get their beach on in Cambria



Elephant seals are so funny and bizarre! This was one of the highlights of my California trip- seeing hundreds of elephant seals just hanging out on the beach in Cambria. No biggie. They just live here. Check out the video at the bottom to see how aggressive they can be, and the weird sound they make!





Wanna see them? Head North on Highway One and follow the signs, just before you get to Cambria.

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