Month: February 2013

Craigslist Cantata


I got a missed connection once, and it was awesome. Someone saw me! I’ve always been awed by the missed connection section on Craigslist. Do people really think they’ll connect with that person that was in line behind them at Starbucks? Or the guy that accidentally stepped on your foot at St. George Station? For a very small percent, yes, that does happen. But for the majority…not really. Anyways, long story short, I stumbled across this post, and I WAS the girl who was reading the “Last Camel Died at Noon” in the green scarf. I smugly showed my boyfriend and he was suitably impressed. But I digress.

This is the last week to see Do You Want What I Have Got, a Craigslist Cantata at Factory Theatre. And you should see it. The musical stars Dmitry Chepovetsky, Bree Greig, Selina Martin and Daren A. Herbert. This original musical by Veda Hille (she plays the piano during the show) & Bill Richardson sets real Craigslist postings to music. Most of the listings come from Vancouver, where the musical was first performed. It was originally 20 minutes long, and then was extended to the 90 minute show. A Craigslist Cantata pokes fun in a thoughtful, funny way at our need to be seen, compulsively shop for things we really don’t need and our urge to connect.

The actors are fantastic. One of the best characters was Selina Martin, portraying that one person that you can find on every website that corrects grammar. Actually, it’s hard to just pinpoint one actor, as all of them had strong, carrying voices and really got into character. They get into character quite well…and it’s not easy when your character only lasts for the duration of one song.

With songs like, “Bus Boy, I Want to Smell You Again”, and “Chili Eating Buddy”, these songs will captivate you and make you laugh. One memorable song was about a guy that is looking for a guy that will drink coffee with him in his underwear and hug. He’s not gay or anything…it’s just a “male bonding experience”. Or how about the Cell Block Tango-esque song that tells the tale of a woeful girl hunting for a normal roommate?

If you haven’t seen this musical yet, you are missing out. It runs from Jan 30 – Mar 3, 2013Go and buy your tickets now! I guarantee that when you are done you’ll want to troll Craigslist for missed connections, or visit the Best of Craigslist list. PS: In case you were wondering, none of the original post creators have stepped forth.

Bain de Neige


bain8Where can you see scantily clad men and women dancing in the snow in the middle of February with Bonhomme? At Quebec’s Winter Carnival, of course.

On Feb. 16th at 2:00 pm, the Carnival hosted its annual Bain de Neige event (snow bath).  It helped that the day was a cool -8 degrees under a bright blue sky. The 59 participants ran out to a large cheering crowd in three groups. Other than their bathing suits, they were allowed to wear shoes, mittens and socks.






Each time, they were encouraged to play, dance, and roll around in the snow. The groups came out in bursts, each longer than before. The first time was 3 minutes, 5 minutes and then finally 10 minutes. It was an incredibly fun event to watch and I really admired the participants! Check out a video below. ( PS: You can sign up to be part of the event for next year closer to Feb. 2014 on their website. )


Quebec City in the Winter




Quebec City in the winter is simply ohmygosh gorgeous. It pretty much has everything you want. Romance? Check. Adventure? Double check. Foodie paradise? Charming? Yes, yes and yes. Here are some peeks of Old Quebec.


We took the Funiculaire (vertical tram) to get to the upper part of Old Quebec and it was breathtaking. It’s only $2.25 to ride! Despite all of the snow, it actually was comparable to Toronto in terms of coldness. I didn’t freeze! It was perfect.






I also really liked lots of the graffiti that I saw there. More pictures to follow from the fabulous winter carnival, restaurants and shopping!




Aveda Born to Style 2013


Do you have an awesome talent for creating gorgeous, stylish or unique hairstyles? Do your friends always turn to you when they have a hair emergency? Listen up, because Aveda Hair School wants to give four lucky stylistsfull tuition to one of their top hair schools in Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver. Every Institute has a talented family of alumni hairdressers, so it’s like you are joining a family. (a family where no one has a bad hair day, ever.)  Last year there were some great videos.

All that you need to do is create a video (under 2 minutes long) telling them why you were born to style. Once it’s up, share that video with family and friends to get votes. The videos with the most votes will be invited to participate in a live head-to-head competition and runway show at the Hair Showdown. The winner wins the grand prize of tuition.

What are you waiting for? Enter today The deadline is March 1st 2013! Good luck!


The Kissing List

kissing list

The Kissing List by Stephanie Reents is an intellectual read following a group of women from Oxford. We follow these women in a series of short stories about their first jobs, infidelity, summer vacations, relationship and more. It’s an interesting read and a bit more literary than I thought it would be. If you would like to read about love, but avoid chick lit, this is a good book for you. These 12 stories explore the nuances of relationships and friendship.

The interlocking stories in The Kissing List feature an unforgettable group of young women – Sylvie, Anna, Frances, Maureen – as their lives connect, first during a year abroad at Oxford, then later as they move to New York on the cusp of adulthood. We follow each of them as they navigate the treachery of first dates, temp jobs and roommates, failed relationships and unexpected affairs – all the things that make their lives seem full of possibility, but also rife with potential disappointment.

Shot through with laugh-out-loud lines, yet still wrenchingly emotional and resonant, The Kissing List is a book about women who bravely defy expectations and take outrageous chances in the face of a life that might turn out to be anything less than extraordinary.

The Kissing List by Stephanie Reents. 223 pages.

Food & Books on Film at the TIFF Bell Lightbox

Food on Film_TIFF

This month, TIFF Bell Lightbox kicks off it’s popular (and oft sold out) Food on Film subscription series. Loose yourself in 6 mouthwatering films and after each film discuss the intersections of cinema, culture and gastronomy with special guests. The event is hosted by Annabelle Waugh, Canadian Living Magazine’s Food Director.

I recommend the film Sideways on Wednesday, April 24 with special speaker Aldo Sohm.

Aldo Sohm, chef sommelier at La Bernardin, takes us into the world of wine appreciation through a discussion of Alexander Payne’s hit comedy-drama about a pair of middle-aged oenophiles who seek solace from romantic distress in the vineyards of California’s Napa Valley.

Not into food? How about brain food? Books on Film also returns this month. A selection of films adapted from books will be screened and discussed afterwards with a selection of film makers, authors and experts. This series is hosted by Eleanor Wachtel from CBC’s Writers and Company.

I recommend Midnight’s Children on Monday, June 24th with the filmmaker himself, Deepa Mehta!

Celebrated Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta describes the process of collaborating with Salman Rushdie on the screen adaptation of his Booker Prize–winning classic Midnight’s Children.

Go and subscribe to the series of your choice! It’s a nice way to get out and experience a night of film once a month!

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