Month: June 2012

Lunch at Spencer’s at the Waterfront

Spencer’s at the Waterfront is a restaurant with a view in Burlington, Ontario. The restaurant over looks Lake Ontario and Burlington Bay. It’s an all around great patio, and a perfect place to grab lunch or go on a romantic date. It’s a bit upscale, but the view and the food is worth the drive and the price.

I started off with a Raspberry Fizz ($5), a cocktail of sparkling raspberry, pomegranate molasses and pineapple juice. It was good!

It was definitely a burger kind of day, so my boy and I both ordered “The Burger” ($18). The Burger is made from dry aged beef and topped with black truffle, mushroom, Québec brie and Yukon Gold fries served in a cute paper cone. The burger was a good size, and it was moist. I loved that it was topped with my favorite burger ingredients (brie and mushrooms!) and the Québec brie was creamy and gave the burger good flavour.

The inside of Spencer’s is not to be overlooked, you still have a nice view if it’s too chilly to be outdoors.

We were too stuffed for dessert, but Spencer’s also has Sunday brunch…so I suspect I’ll be back. Click here to check out the menu. Spencer’s is located at 1340 Lakeshore Road in Burlington, Ontario.

Daytripping: Webster’s Falls Conservation Area

At Webster’s Falls Conservation Area, there are lots of chances to get up close and personal with the waterfalls. This Dundas, Ontario gem has not one, but two waterfalls on site. (Hamilton boasts a whopping 96 waterfalls!)

Tew’s Falls is the tallest waterfall in Hamilton, and Webster’s Falls is the tallest within the city of Hamliton. With its tiny bridges and steep but picturesque steps,it’s a great place to explore and have a picnic. Admission is $10 per car, and the park closes at sundown.

Greg’s Ice Cream in the Distillery District

As I’m writing this, it’s 40 degrees PLUS outside. It is ridiculously hot for June.
Do you know what you need? You need some ice cream.

Greg’s Ice Cream just opened their second shop last month in the Distillery District (a great place to hang out in the summer! Or anytime.) Greg’s is known for their unique flavours, high quality ingredients and almost cult like following. The new shop is pretty industrial looking, but brightly lit and has a small seating area.

I tried a single scoop ($3.81) of Cinnamon ice cream, and it was super. It tasted like I was eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, in ice cream form. The flavours rotate frequently, so one day you may see Chocolate Ginger (my FAVOURITE) and Sweet Cream, and Banana Nut Bread the next.

Greg’s Ice Cream is open from 11 am to 8:30 pm daily.

Yorkdale Dine On 3

Today I got a chance to visit the slick new food court at Yorkdale Mall. This elevated new space has some old favourites, such as Manchou Wok, Subway and New York Fries, as well as some delicious new additions. Big Smoke Burger and Amaya Express might be familiar to some, but what about Su & Shi, a noodle bar brought to us by Spring Rolls, or La Paloma, providing us with Italian gelato? Dine on 3 will also be the home for Espressamente Illy and the largest in the world and the first in-centre cafe in Canada.

Similar to the Eaton Center, all plates, trays and glasses are ceramic and reusable. Unlike the Eaton Center, Dine on 3 has a beautiful outdoor patio, and free WiFi for all. You can actually reserve a table and get a spritz of perfume from the perfume butler.

Dine on 3 has also spruced up the Yorkdale app. Available for iPhone and Android, this application lets you view menus, reserve a table, and browse the different places to eat at the food court. Download the app free, here for iTunes and for Android.

De-fuzzing at Fuzz Wax Bar

I’m back from my trip (more on that later)! Before I left, I made it my mission to get vacation ready! I popped into the Ten Spot and then went down the street for the real mission. Waxing.

I have never tried or wanted to wax. Why pour hot wax on your legs and rip the hair by the root when you can just shave instead? But gradually (okay, so for the last 4 months) I began thinking about giving it a shot. This was mainly because of the new Fuzz Wax Bar that I had noticed online. I was intrigued. A place for only waxing? Surely they’d make it pain-free and be experts to boot. And I wouldn’t have to shave during my trip!

I decided to get a leg wax ($20), because I figured it would hurt less! We went to a private clean room with a cot. I was pretty nervous, but my esthetician was great. She was friendly and cheerful answered my silly/nervous questions. The wax was slicked on, and before I knew it, it was off. It hardly hurt, and my legs were smooth and hair free in about 15 minutes. On my way out, I chatted with one of the friendly owners. Originally from France, Florence decided to open Fuzz after searching for fast affordable waxing in Toronto. The most popular wax is the Brazilian wax ($45).

Fuzz Wax bar offers clean, quick and (relatively) pain-free service with a smile. They’ve converted me into a wax-ee, go and check them out! They are at 701 Queen Street West, and will wax pretty much anything for you. My legs remained smooth and hair free during my Europe trip!

Rouge Days 2012

I’ve been working on an event I’d like to share with you! Rouge Days is a celebration of the Rouge River Watershed. The Rouge River Watershed stretches through Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax and Markham. It also includes the soon-to-be national Rouge Park and the Toronto Zoo! If you live in any of these areas, there are lots of free events to participate in this week! Hike, cook-offs, workshops, and more, there’s something for everyone.

Last week I went to the kick-off party at beautiful Markham Museum. We went on tours of the gardens, visited the blacksmith and got to take home a native plant! Check out the pics and visit the website to find out about the events. Rouge Days runs from June 8th to June 16th.

Picture This: 1000 Tastes of Toronto

Luminato is a multidisciplinary festival combining visual art, music, drama, literature and food! I went to 1000 Tastes of Toronto. This event is on until Sunday June 9th, from 12pm – 9pm at the Distillery District. There are tons of delicious food booths from local restos, and lots of free samples from Presidents Choice!

You buy a ticket at the door, and each ticket is good for a plate of food. Tickets are $5.00. I had the Pasta Malloreddus from Vertical, a delicious combination of spicy sausage, Ontario asparagus and parmigian reggiano. It was delicious and spicy! They made the pasta right there in front of you from scratch! Check out the gallery for more pics.

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