Month: January 2012

They Want Subways

Hi everyone!

I’ve been drowning under freelance work, actual work, doing art for an art show, and vacation planning. More posts will come soon, I promise! I also have an exciting giveaway planned for Valentine’s Day starting next week, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, watch this ridiculous auto tune song about Rob Ford. I find it hilarious.
In my eyes this wins because of the Rob Ford element and the Scarborough reference.

“They Want Subways”: A Rob Ford Remix

Looking Back at Egypt 2011

It’s hard to believe that this time last year, I was half way around the world in Egypt during the revolution. It was truly a life changing, once in a life time trip. I was so very glad to return home…but part of me is missing that perfect weather…and camels. My trip took me sailing down the Nile, through Aswan, Giza, Cairo and left us stranded in Luxor. Finally returning home, we stopped off England. I just thought I’d post some pictures to remember the journey! If you would like to see some more pictures and a somewhat more detailed description visit my now defunct travel blog.

Lunch at Burger’s Priest

The Burger’s Priest has got me singing the gospel…literally. Now here’s a religion you can really sink your teeth into. (okay, I’ll stop!) I have always heard great things about Burger’s Priest and meant to check it out but never quite found the time.

With the opening on their new location at 339 Yonge St, I was in luck. This is only 15 minutes away from work! I talked a co-worker into joining me and off we went.

The first thing I noticed was how packed it was. It was crammed with people and every stool was taken. Luckily for us, people did tend to finish their burgers fairly quickly to head back to work.

The menu is simple, although it lacks description. The “option” is two Portobello mushrooms stuffed with cheese and fried in panko crumbs between a bun. The Vatican + the option is a cheeseburger with one of the stuffed mushrooms. I ordered a combo (it came to around $13.00) that came with drinks and fries. My friend stuck with the same burger on its own. (around $9.00)

Burger’s priest is decked out simply in black and white, with some interesting elements such as foreign text on the walls and pretty ceilings. We managed to snag a spot on the stools, and waited about ten minutes to get our burger.

When we finally got our burgers, they were amazing. Fresh ground beef that was so tender it barely formed a patty, but not rare or pink inside. A slice of cheese, and of course, the mushroom. The mushroom was fantastic. Crispy on the outside and gooey with cheesy goodness on the inside. The bread was also fresh, but to be honest I hardly noticed the bread (and as a bread-a-holic, you should know that this is unheard of)

The fries were pretty good, but I found that the burger was more than enough to fill me. This is now my favourite burger in Toronto. Why did I wait so long before trying it? No matter…I’ll make up for lost time.

PS: Word on the street is that there is a not-so-secret menu that you can order from.

Hotel Chez Swann

Montreal has a snazzy new boutique hotel. The best part? Rooms start at $95 a night! Each Hotel Chez Swann room comes equipped with a flat screen television, free wifi and peek-a-boo showers with double rain shower heads and massage jets. Plus, the design is edgy and chic! I know where I’ll be staying the next time I visit Montreal!

Daytripping at Sibbald Point Provincal Park

Enjoy the crisp winter air by going on a drive to a park or conservation area! Last weekend I went to Sibbald Point Provincial Park, located on the southern shore of Lake Simcoe. This park is about an 1 hour drive from Toronto. The fee for the park in the winter is $4.00 for 2 hours.

Sibbald Point used to be the home of the Sibbald family 130 years before it became a park. You can visit the beautiful old church and graveyard, or just spend your time staring at the lake. It can be extremenly cold, so dress warm! When we went it was -14. There were lots of ducks swimming around in the lake, and a family of swans!

There were also huge chunks of ice floating in the water. This lake usually freezes over in January. It’s possible to drive a car onto the lake, I know people that have done it and lived to tell the tale! (I don’t recommend you do this!)

In the summertime, you can camp out or go hiking. The park has some beautiful views and is a wonderful place to take in the sunset.

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