Month: December 2011

New Year’s Eve Playlist

These are some songs I always listen to at this time of year. A little emo.

1. Jet Black New Year by Thursday.

as we kiss hard on the lips/and swear that this year will be/better than the last

2. Together We’ll Ring in the New Year by Motion City Soundtrack

3. KC by Matt Pond PA

in canada/on new years eve/you said you’d never see someone bleed like I bleed?

4. The New Year by Death Cab for Cutie

so everyone get your best suit or dress on/lets pretend we are wealthy for just this once

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to an awesome 2012.

Coach House Shortbread

Coach House Shortbread is another Toronto staple for delicious shortbread! Coach house shortbread was founded in 1986 (it’s as old as me!) and was founded by Carl Stryg.
Coach shortbread can usually be found at gourmet food stores like the One of a Kind Show.

This time of year, you can actually visit the Coach house shop yourself! I stopped by last week and it was busy. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have single cookies for sale (like Mary’s!) but they had lots of samples available.

Coach house makes savoury and sweet shortbread. The shortbread is good, but it’s light and airy. I wish it were a little richer and heavier. One of my favourites that I tried was the Cheddar and Chipotle shortbread. This was described as, “A perfect pairing of flavours, with the tang of 7-year-old Canadian cheddar registering first, followed by the smoky heat of chipotle peppers, which lingers beautifully on the tongue.” It was delicious! My favourite sweet shortbread was the Dark Chocolate and Fleur de Sel. It was sweet with just the right amount of salty.

Coach House packaged their shortbread in a unique way. The shortbread are bundled into a cardboard roll, packaged into colour coded paper and tied at the ends with ribbon. I love it! A small is $9.00, and a large is $11.00. Coach House shortbread is located at 235 Carlaw Ave. They are open until the end of December, and will then re-open for Easter.

Mary MacLeod Shortbread

Shortbread is my favourite kind of cookie. Period.
Christmas is when shortbread gets to shine! You can find shortbread in pretty much every food store in the city.

Toronto has a couple of shops dedicated to shortbread. One of my favourite shops is Mary MacLeod Shortbread.
Mary MacLeod Shortbread is located on 639 Queen Street East.

The first time I visited this shop, I was taking the streetcar, and it was getting pretty late into the day. I called them to find out what time they were closing, and although they were closing within 5 minutes, they waited for me! As if that didn’t make my day already, when I stepped in they offered me my choice of shortbread! That might have been the moment I fell in love with this store.

Mary’s has been around since 1981, and the shortbread is handmade in small batches. When I walk into the shop this time, I am offered a cookie (yay!) and select a Cranberry Almond shortbread cookie. It’s good, studded with almonds and cranberry, but not my favourite. My favourite is the plain shortbread, and the chocolate crunch. Mmmm. I love these cookies, because they are heavy and taste like real butter. Shortbread is not meant to be light! Another favourite of mine are the butterscotch fingers. These moist cookies offer the same rich shortbread taste, but with a chewy twist of butterscotch!

Mary’s also sells shortbread in many different forms. You can buy a single shortbread cookie from the glass display case, or pick up some of the prepackaged sets. The packaged sets feature festive shapes, and my favourite were the snowmen shaped shortbread. Mary’s is open daily. Stop by to pick up a last minute gift!

So into Cupcakes

I’m so into cupcakes. Are you? I bet you are. So into Cupcakes is a new cupcake shop in Scarborough! They just opened this weekend, and I stopped by to give their cupcakes a try. The has a very modern, white design. The main feature of the store is the glass display case filled with cupcakes. So into cupcakes makes about 10 different kinds of cupcakes. A regular sized cupcake is $2.50, and a mini cupcake is $1.50. The cashier was very friendly, but the owner had left for the day. The cupcakes that day were red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, mocha and peppermint. Yum! They had salted caramel before, but it was sold out. This cupcake store has decent hours, (11am -7pm.) so it’s great if you need to grab cupcakes in a hurry or get an after work snack.

I picked out a vanilla, coconut and mini red velvet cupcake. The coconut cupcake was topped with shredded coconut, and had a light coconut taste. I noticed immediately that the icing was very light…for all of the cupcakes. It’s not that they didn’t put enough icing, it’s more like the icing is very airy and subtle. It probably doesn’t have a lot of sugar, which can be a good thing. However, I like my cupcakes sweet! (But not Prairie Girl Cupcakes sweet.)

The cake was moist and fresh. I like these cupcakes, but I wish that they were a bit more decadent and flavorful.

The best of the lot was the mini red velvet. The icing was still light, but the touch of cream cheese in the icing gave it body. Also, the cake was delicious! I’m very excited that I have a cupcake shop so close to home, and I plan to go back there to try chocolate cupcakes next time!

So into Cupcakes
Monday to Friday – 11 am to 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday – 11 am to 4 pm

2060 Ellesmere Road, Unit 10
Toronto, ON M1H 2V6


This ain’t your mom’s lorum ipsum

Ah, lorum ipsum. That old designer stand-by used as placeholder text. So familiar. So…yawn.
These days, there are newer, bolder lorum ipsums made to reflect your love of…

Hipsters: Do you need some text for your website or whatever? *sigh* Okay…Sartorial helvetica vegan master cleanse, food truck salvia four loko messenger bag you probably haven’t heard of them freegan tumblr butcher. Tattooed skateboard art party, salvia gluten-free raw denim organic marfa american apparel gentrify seitan beard whatever helvetica.

Cupcakes Hope you’re hungry. Sesame snaps toffee cake bonbon chupa chups jelly croissant cotton candy. Chupa chups cake lollipop lollipop fruitcake. Tart liquorice caramels halvah sugar plum.

Classic Novels Grab a passage from a favourite book! So they began solemnly dancing round and round Alice, every now and then treading on her toes when they passed too close, and waving their forepaws to mark the time, while the Mock Turtle sang this, very slowly and sadly

Picture This: A is for Aldo Fragrance Launch

A is for Aldo held their launch party in Toronto last week, and I was there! A is for Aldo is a new fragrance by Aldo. Each scent is colour coded, and suited for your personality. They had screens set up with a quiz that would match your personality with a scent. My scent was Yellow. Later this week I will do a post all about the fragrances. In the meanwhile, take a look at the event photos!

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