So even though I don’t wear that much makeup, I enjoy hoarding it, and looking at all of the awesome packages.
And occasionally wearing it. I also adore getting packages in the mail. For all these reasons and more, I decided to give Luxe Box a try.
In case you didn’t know, Luxe Box is a beauty box from Loose Button that is delivered monthly with 3-5 fancy makeup/skin care samples. The samples are “deluxe” sized. It was $9.99, but with it’s public launch it has raised to $12. (shipping to Canada included.)

My box came today, and it had a tracking number from Canada Post, so I knew exactly when it would arrive.

The box itself is really pretty! I love kraft paper anything. It might be interesting if they changed the box a bit each month, or for special holidays!

I like the care that they placed into the packaging. It came with a little card telling me what each product was.
I bee-lined to the nail polish.

The nail polish is from China Glaze, and was a pretty good size! It was 9.5ml
The colour is a little bit weird for me, a kind of grey violet. I think that this colour was popular for the spring,
a kind of nude nail look? I had been interested in trying it, but it looks kinda strange on me. Maybe because my skin is darker? It dried quickly, and was easy and smooth to put on.

The next sample was the eye shadow, which had been upgraded to full size. (yay!)

The eyeshadow was by Laura Mercier. Again, I’m not that fond of the colour. It’s a kind of pale sandy peach. It’s okay, but doesn’t really do anything on my face. I’ll try it again and maybe put a bit more on to see the full effect.

The last sample was a Dermalogica daily microfoliant.

I’m pretty excited to use this. It’s like a little talcum powder, but for your face! And it exfoliates!
The sample is also pretty big, 13 grams.

They also threw in this tiny chocolate.

All in all, I would rate this box 3.5/5. It was fun to receive, and the products are good, but would be better if the colours were better suited to all skin tones. I know it’s hard, though, to find colours that would be good for everyone!
I’m also still not entirely convinced that it’s worth paying for samples. However, I really liked the sizes of the products.

I am going to order a July Luxe Box, and hopefully it will have more samples and more diverse colours! I’m looking forward to some of the products that the site says are coming. ( benefit, balmshell, stila and anna sui )
Until next time!

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