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Sally Hansen introduces Colour Therapy

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We all love nail polish and having colour on our nails. However, we all want to take care of our nails at the same time. Sally Hansen has released a new collection called Colour Therapy that’s an infusion of both colour and care. What’s different? These polishes have an infusion of argan oil and a blend of primrose oil for ultra nourishment.


Before hitting the markets, Sally did a clinical trial. 9 in 10 women said that noticed a noticeable improvement on their natural nails after wearing the polish.

The argan oil works as a micro delivery system. You don’t need a base coat. You apply the polish directly to the nail beds so that the argan oils can penetrate the nail beds. You can add a specially formulated top coat that provides an extra dose of nutrients and helps to seal in the polish.


Madeline Poole, global colour ambassador for Sally Hansen, collaborated with this collection and created 33 shades. All shades are completely new to Sally Hansen. Some shades in particular are unique to Sally alone, like a pewter shade that’s a bronze silver hybrid.

The collection has 3 different palettes.


The Nude palette is not a traditional nude palette of beige. You’ll find a more neutral palette with less saturated pigments. Madeline describes it as the “colour in the shadows.”

The Rich palette is filled with original shades and were inspired by gemstones, bird feathers, fish scales and other strong bright shades. All of the colours that you see in the bottle deliver that same pigmented shade on the nails.

The Pinks and Corals palette has something for everyone, including every skin tone and personality. Bright magentas to soft sheer pinks, to peachy corals. Every colour has it’s own special blend. Her favourite is a pink shade with light gold flecks to illuminate the nail.


I love how glossy and highly pigmented the polishes are. I can’t wait to try them out and see the argan oil properties for myself!

Pick up your favourite shades at your local drug store.





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