15 Minutes with Sophie Kinsella

shoppaholicI was thrilled to be able to spend some time talking with one of my favourite authors, Sophie Kinsella, as she released her newest book, Shopaholic to the Stars.

Five Questions in Five Minutes:

Coffee of Tea? Both of course. Depends on the time of day. Tea, then coffee, then tea.

What’s your favourite type of tea? Tiger Spring Tea, loose leaf English Breakfast that’s really good.

Favourite City? London. It will always be London.

Favourite thing to eat when you are relaxing? Chocolate, of course.

What’s always in your purse? Credit card.

I’ve been reading your books for awhile, and I love them! I notice that you used to write under a different pen name (Madeleine Wickham), and these books were a bit more serious. They spoke of divorce, death and hardship. Did you make a conscious decision to take a lighter tone when you write as Sophie Kinsella?

It really came from the story. As soon as I had the idea of Shopaholic and the idea of writing about shopping and the comedy potential…I knew I wanted to write about shopping and in a different kind of style. Younger, faster, funnier. That’s why I took a pen name. I didn’t want to tell my readers I was going in a different direction. I wanted to be able to try this out to see if it worked. I honestly told myself that if it’s a complete flop, Sophie Kinsella has nothing to do with me, and it doesn’t matter. It really was like a side project.

That turned into so much more!

I had no idea. That’s the irony. Sophie became bigger than Madeline.

In Wedding Night, I feel like in that book you started to touch back on how you used to write. It’s still very funny, very light, but it’s a bit more serious.

Yes, there are a few elements in it. also writing from two different perspectives was something I’ve never done in before Sophie. I’d been writing in a certain style as Sophie but I don’t want to feel like I am completely trapped in a certain style. As long as what I’m writing is fast and funny, its appropriate to write it under Sophie. I think I will push the boundaries as I write more books, because that’s how you keep it fresh as a writer.

I read Shopaholic to the Stars  and loved it! What was your favourite scene to write?

Ooh…I think probably the scene when Becky was on the movie set with the cakes. I really laughed while writing that.

That part was really funny! I also noticed that you ended this book on a cliffhanger and you don’t do that usually!

No…I’ve often had tiny little cliffhangers, like at the end of Shopaholic and Sister we realize that Becky is probably pregnant, and at the end of Mini Shopaholic we realize that they are probably going to go to LA.

This is in a different league- this really is a cliffhanger. And I’ve never done it. Again, I’m trying something new. I’m a great sucker for a cliffhanger. Although some readers have been hyperventilating because they weren’t expecting it. I think perhaps I should have put a small warning on the cover, “Alert! Cliffhanger!” Rest assured, I am  working on the sequel.

I was upset…so its good to know you are working on a sequel.

There’s a whole lot more to go, I don’t think  I could have fit it in one book. It’s really like part one. And then it’ll be part two.

What is your favourite Shopaholic book?

It’s really hard to choose… they are all like my babies. If I had to I would choose book one. That’s where I met Becky, that’s where I created her. So it has a special place in my heart.

Would you ever consider doing a Shopaholic book that’s set in Canada?

Well, why not? The sky’s the limit. If I can hit the shops on this tour then maybe I can get some inspiration!

I always crave more when I finish one of your books. Are you working on stand alone book?

I hope to do a stand alone after the next Shopaholic. So that would be the next thing.

Who is your favourite character in the Shopaholic series?

It’s probably Becky. because, I live inside her brain. Or she lives inside my brain.  don’t know quite how that works. We’re very bonded.

Do you see a bit of yourself in her when you write?

I have my Becky moments. But I think we all have our Becky moments.

To see more of Sophie’s books, please visit here.


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