Mutti Tomatoes & making pasta with Nonna



I was invited to a delightful lunch hosted by Mutti. Francesco Mutti was on hand to talk a bit about the brand. His great grandfather started Mutti in 1899. They first started preserving tomatoes in tins in the 19th century. Mutti harvests their tomatoes in a simple process in the summertime in Italy. They only work with tomatoes, and are constantly trying to improve their quality. They are a top brand in Italy, and are now available in Toronto! Some Mutti products include pizza sauce, tomato paste, peeled tomato and tomato concentrate.


We started with a selection of appetizers. We tried marinated peeled tomatoes in olive oil and tomato vinegar with arugula and basil pesto, a potato crisp with Greek yogurt and marscapone and double tomato paste. The fried cutlet of peeled tomato rolled in breadcrumbs and Parmesan was my favourite! The tomatoes tasted incredibly fresh, even though they came from a can.


The fun part? Making our own pasta! We were each put into groups with a Nonna that would teach us how to cut our own tagliatelle.



It was so much fun! At the end, we had a whole tray of fresh pasta ready to go for our lunch.



The Chef Carlo Casoni did a great job creating this delicious meal of tortellini stuffed with Mutti cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, tagliatelle with bolognese sauce in a crispy Parmesan cup.

Find Mutti products in your local grocery store. See what else you can make with Mutti tomatoes here!


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