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Flurry: Installation in Brookfield Place

flurry6Excited for the holidays, but missing the snow? Brookfield Place, arguably one of my most impression atrium in the Path (and in Toronto itself) has welcomed a new, wintry installation.

Flurry is an immersive art project by  Studio F Minus designers Brad Hindson and Mitchell F. Chan. 2000 shimmering, translucent snowflakes are suspended from the ceilings in Allen Lambert Galleria at Brookfield Place and the nearby Path. There are also large, deconstructed snowflake sculptures, part of the larger Snowfall installation.


Each snowflake is made of a prism-like material, giving the entire installation a shimmering glow, and making the artwork change colors naturally through the viewer’s own movements.



Beautiful, isn’t it? Be sure to check it out before January 1st.

Brookfield Place, 181 Bay St., Toronto

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