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King of the Bootleggers at Casa Loma

King of the BootleggersI have a love for urban exploring that I rarely get to indulge. So, when I heard about Casa Loma’s newest Escape Game, I was really excited. Casa Loma is a legend and historic site in Toronto. This sprawling mansion has been the scene of many events and beautiful weddings.
King of the Bootleggers Casa LomaThis winter, people will flock there for a very different experience. King of the Bootleggers is set in the 1920s and takes you through the tunnels beneath the castle. (This is all I needed to be into this. Tunnels and flappers. Yes, and yes.)
King of the Bootleggers Casa Loma

This immersive experience blends Casa Loma’s historical facts with fiction and is set during prohibition. Most of the game, alas, takes place not in the tunnels, but does having you exploring some beautiful spaces like libraries, drawing rooms and other locations. Our group was split up into different teams (I was team library) and spent most of our hour hunting for clues. The game has live actors that will help you out, and perform entertaining skits throughout the evening. It’s a race to solve the puzzle and be crowned King of the Bootleggers! Sounds like fun? Read more below!

King of the Bootleggers Casa Loma

In 1920s Toronto prohibition is at its peak and at the top of the bootlegging empire sits notorious gangster Rocco Perri, but in the sordid world of swingin’ speakeasies, everyone’s out for a piece of the pie. You receive an invitation to a secret meeting at Rocco’s infamous bar hidden inside Casa Loma. Bessi Perri has set her sights on her husband’s moonshine throne and is assembling a gang to take him down and needs your help. This is your chance to join the big leagues, but it won’t be easy. Someone’s squealed to the cops and within the hour they’ll be on their way to raid the joint.  Will you and your team be pinched or become the new Kings and Queens of the Bootleggers?

This game is perfect for a group of friends, or for a different kind of date night. Play from Wednesdays – Sundays. Each game starts at $36.

King of the Bootleggers

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