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Read it! Love May Fail

lovemayfailPortia Kane is not having a good time of it. She’s in a closet about to watch her soon to be ex-husband (perhaps…soon to be dead, husband?) do the deed with a much younger woman. I won’t tell you what happens there, but I will tell you what happens next.

Portia has a mini meltdown and thinks back to high school, to her favourite English teacher. She decides to find him…even if there’s no trace of him. Through a remarkable twist of fate, she ends up tracking down her old high school teacher, Mr.Vernon.

Mr.Vernon is also not doing so well. After a horrific run in with a student, he’s just a shell of the man he was. Portia takes Mr. Vernon on a whirlwind trip on an attempt to resurrect him. But what do you do when one doesn’t want to be saved?

This book will take you into the 80s rock scene, through brushes with heroin, into a convent and through the eyes of a young boy. You’ll meet fiery old women, drug addicts and hoarders. At times it can be hard hitting, and other times it’s laugh out loud funny.

The span of time that this book takes you through is quite long. I really enjoyed it, because it ties everything up neatly. There are no loose threads, and you get to see how everyone ends up. This is a book that never stops. Just when you think the characters can settle down, something happens that shakes everything up again.

I love Matthew Quick. He takes the most unlikely subject natter and weaves it all into a remarkable tale that I am never able to put down

This book made me believe in the power of the human spirit, and it will do the same for you.

Love May Fail by Matthew Quick
Publisher: Harper Collins
Hardcover, 352 pages
Published on June 12, 2015

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